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Greetings! Welcome to my Substack page! I’m Katja. Nice to meet you!

I joined Substack to read Rod Dreher, but I’ve been blogging to one degree or another since 2001. My main blog now is Breath of Hallelujah, which is on Wordpress, but as long as I was creating a Substack account, it made sense to create a Substack presence to crosspost to.

I am an Orthodox Christian, and I write about technology, faith, history, books, games, music, and whatever else I feel moved to write about.

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I shall praise you, O Lord, even when I cannot hope of rescue; I shall trust in You, and in every breath, I shall cry "hallelujah". Main blog: https://breathofhallelujah.com


Amazing and crazy American Orthodox Christian mom. Devotee of St. Alexander of Munich.